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All of these reasons are eliminated easily without additional intervention of specialists. Unpleasant sensations completely disappear in 3-4 hours after Vital Progenix removal of seminal fluid from the channels. In adolescence, overexcitement disappears during stable sexual intercourse. But in some cases, the symptom is pathological. In this case, only a specialized doctor can assist.

Pathological causes of pain

Rarely do men go to a medical center with regular sex life. Such patients have no visible signs of any disease. The appearance of pain depends on the presence of the following diagnoses:

Vital Progenix Australia Pathological phenomena can occur in the glands due to the development of tumors in the reproductive system. In the body of all people there are a small number of atypical cells. These cells are able to actively multiply under the influence of various factors. Doctors can not give an exact answer, what is the reason for the activation of negative growth of tumors. Atypical cells are able to quickly grow their colony. At the same time atypical tissue is formed. Further development of the process is accompanied by the appearance of a tumor.



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